Wednesday, 13 August 2008

To All my Friends

Back behind the camera strange place to be after almost a year.

But it’s because I’m doing something I love. And I’m also doing something that is free for all. In fact it’s even freer than ever before, now that everything’s based on the web.

I’ve always said I’m the only “busking” photographer. I now only do it for traffic to my many blogs; maybe the odd beer or coffee at festival time. For me I’ve only ever taken photographs I want. I’ve tried to take photographs other people want and I’m pretty crap at it. If you leave me to do my own thing I’ll always find a photo opportunity that no one has thought of before. The 8mm shots taken in the middle of people’s shows a couple of years ago. Or my favourites under Theaker when she was on her silk and trapeze. In fact I’ve just found one image of that set I’d not realised how “good” it looked, because I’d always viewed it in portrait format. Where the impact is really seen as a view format photograph.

So as always to my friends please take something you like, use it as you wish. Give me a credit or a link. But if you’re out there to make a profit from my photos don’t. Cause that’s not what I do; and that would be stealing.

All photographs © Andrew Brown
I've just started part 2 for more coverage of the Fringe. Covering photos from Thursday 14th August onwards.
and as of this morning (I woke up early) part 3. Words for now pictures later.

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