Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Jumping The Gun

Might be a little early but if you arrived here I may as well direct you to the 2009 Fringe blog, just in case you're interested.

But do spend a few minutes looking through the 2008 blogs anyway.


See you all on the High street in 2009.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

To All my Friends

Back behind the camera strange place to be after almost a year.

But it’s because I’m doing something I love. And I’m also doing something that is free for all. In fact it’s even freer than ever before, now that everything’s based on the web.

I’ve always said I’m the only “busking” photographer. I now only do it for traffic to my many blogs; maybe the odd beer or coffee at festival time. For me I’ve only ever taken photographs I want. I’ve tried to take photographs other people want and I’m pretty crap at it. If you leave me to do my own thing I’ll always find a photo opportunity that no one has thought of before. The 8mm shots taken in the middle of people’s shows a couple of years ago. Or my favourites under Theaker when she was on her silk and trapeze. In fact I’ve just found one image of that set I’d not realised how “good” it looked, because I’d always viewed it in portrait format. Where the impact is really seen as a view format photograph.

So as always to my friends please take something you like, use it as you wish. Give me a credit or a link. But if you’re out there to make a profit from my photos don’t. Cause that’s not what I do; and that would be stealing.

All photographs © Andrew Brown
I've just started part 2 for more coverage of the Fringe. Covering photos from Thursday 14th August onwards.
and as of this morning (I woke up early) part 3. Words for now pictures later.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

With The High Street Closed

The fun on the High street has started early this year.
Street performers and magicians making the most of it's closure to traffic.

Today I ran into Conrad, J-P and Arizona Jones. The weather might not have been Mediterranean but the crowd's certainly were.

The routines as sparkling as always the jokes faster.

Need something to do to pass the time, where all the family young and old can enjoy something together.

The High Street,s open for business.

And just having updated my blog. I have to thank. The Guardian; from their theatre and performing arts section, for all the extra visitors, even if the writer seems to have failed to look at the format of my blogs.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Where Crowds Enjoy The Show

Sunday afternoon, July 12th on the High Street, Edinburgh; the high street rings out to the crack of whips. Brucie, Arizona Jones and J-P draw the crowds with the crack of the whip. As daredevil pigeons strut around their pitch their shows being.

Their skills not dampened by the cold of an Edinburgh July afternoon or the night before.

The circle formed, the laughter loud. The cheering at skills a long timed honed.

Entertainment of this caliber would cost you. In clubs and theatres, but it's offered for the price of a couple of beers; or at least a thank you at the end.

Street theatre is giving; in all ways.
You give the laughter the applause and cheers. They give you comedy, skill and danger. But most of all what we as the audience need to give is the few pounds their show is truly worth.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

A Baldrick moment.

Blogging is a nice easy way for someone like myself to make their preasance felt on the internet.

I can say I've made my mark.
With 10* blogs under my belt. And images hosted on flickr and photobucket. I take up a little of the webs space.

If you were to print out all my websites; in A4 form I've acheived somewhere over 500 pages. And that's not counting Myspace, Facebook.

So once again it's important to everyone who visits to keep a couple of hours free and surf into my photographic world on the web.

And finally today I came up with an idea. This blog should run in the correct order from start to finish. Or at least as close as I can get it. The posted date will be in the title and not the shown date of posting.

Had a bit of a problem getting everything in order hopefully normal service will be resumed asap.

Friday, 8 August 2008

july 30th It's All a Blur

Hign on adreniline with the Fringe just atound the corner, I'm like a child waiting for Christmas.
The day's are merging into one long wait. In doing so I'm caught up in the world of pure magic. That breaks the average everyday experience of work.
Conrad celebrates his birthday. And I'm introduced to Leroy a legend to watch and enjoy on the street.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Jumping The Gun - Edinburgh Fringe Guide 2008

All The News, Reviews and views from the Edinburgh Fringe 2008.

Edinburgh Fringe Guide 2008 -The Compact Version

All the must see shows listed in one short list. Why carry a heavy, bulky Fringe Guide, when you can save the planet with this pocket version courtesy of Mr Brown.

And if any one asks my carbon footprint is size 8 in trainers.

Richard Sandling & Stuart Goldsmith
Kiosk Of Champions
Venue: The Canons’ Gait,
Time: 17:00 – 17:50Dates: 2nd – 24th August (not 13th)Previews: 2nd – 5th August

Livewire Theatre
Venue 45.
Man in the Iron Mask: The Three Musqueteers
31st Jul- 2nd Aug, 4th-9th Aug. 19.25
Jungle Book: A Murderous Song
31st Jul- 9th Aug. 14.10

Venue Pleasance Courtyard
Pluck: The Titanic Show
31st Jul- 25th Aug, except 12th & 19th.

Venue Gilded Balloon Teviot
Gamarjobat - The Western1st
Aug-25th Aug, except 5th,12th &19th.

Comedy on the Square
Venue Zoo-The Pleasance
Amazing- you can juggle now!

Comedy on the Square
Venue Zoo Southside
All-Star Magic and Comedy- Direct fron San Francisco

Seymour Mace
Venue Stand Comedy Club
In Testamental- Bible Stories Told by an idiot
Aug 1st-10th, 12th-24th
13.25 (except 1st 13.20)

Important Information
Travel in Edinburgh is disrupted with ongoing work preparing for the new tram system.
My advice is give yourselves extra time to get to venues. Don't rely on your Sat-nav; it may not get you there.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A Sunny Sunday 13th July

Arriving on the High Street late Sunday afternoon. The crowds already in abundance With magicians, statues and performers there was something for everyone.

Brucie was centre of attention with a crowd a fringe Sunday would provide. The laughter flowed, the applause was generous. Was it for him or was it for the "Smeagal" child?

The show closed and Arizona Jones was next to take centre stage. Arizona and Brucie have one prop in common and that is the reason we have pigeons on centre stage; spaghetti, dry spaghetti.

Arizona fire torches and fire whip enthrals the crowd once again. His high pole show allowing all to see the skill. Applause as always to the end.

Magic on the mile today we had four magicians, two of whom I consider street greats. Todd Various and James James.

Todd had taken up position at his usual St. Giles location.

James James at the bottom of the High Street just off Hunter Square.

Last performance I saw today before I left was J-P. The beauty of street theatre is that no two shows are ever the same. Elements are but how the flow together is all at times in the hands of the audience. Today for J-P that was certainly the case. The jokes came fast and furious. The key moments almost lost as gags and humour took their place.

But alas there are always smokers in the audience which means that Kenny will see the light of day once again.

The screams are screams of laughter. The looks of awe are always capped of gleeful laughter and applause. Remember no children or animals were harmed during the show. Remember Kenny is a professional, and a non smoker; he just holds the cigarette.

And as a final note today. For me and maybe J-P the fluff cloud above is my favourite photo from the last couple of days; everyone else will just pass it by.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Wet or Dry on The Mile 19th July 2008

Waking to a wet dull Saturday morning I wondered if I'd make it on to the High Street.

As the hours moved steadily on the day brightened.

Wet or dry I know there will always be someone performing on the Mile.

As the sun eventualy poked it's head out between the grey clouds I made my way into town.

The High street was busy with tourists, shoppers and performers. The violin being played at one end. Magic at another. And on centre stage entertainers of a caliber to hold an audience rain or shine.

The beauty of street shows is that they go on rain or shine. Rain doesn't stop play, it just changes the way they play.

Today we had Magic courtasay of James James. And Whip cracking, juggling and axe swinging from Arizona Jones, Brucie and J-P.

James James and the guys on centre stage toyed in vocal form with each others audience. A memories of the days when street performers ruled the High Street; but alas in these days of health and safety to many people in one place is not a good thing.

With health and safety in mind performers lay their "safety rope" and the audience toes the line.

The applause wet or dry depending on the weather. The audiences generous in their giving; applause maybe, but more is always wanted or I should say requested. It's a pity some of our continental neighbours look at street entertainers as a free way to spend a few hours. They're entertainers as good if not better than those we watch on screen or on stage. We'll pay to watch a film in the cinema and may find half way through it's not worth the money we spent. We don't get our money back. These guys let you "try before you buy", and all you have to do is drop what you feel they are worth in their hat.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

August 1st

Music, Magic and Fluffy Pink Handcuffs Sunday 20th July

Sun came out today, well as long as Arizona Jones wasn't performing.
Brucie today was in a playful mood. As was one of his assistants. A full hours entertainment complete with whips and fluffy pink handcuffs.
Arizona Jones did make it through at least one show today unscathed by a little rain. But being Sunday there were more buskers and traders out today. From hair wrapping to henna. From guitars to violins.
Magic see James James make a man levitate from out of his jacket.
Today I was given rules. Don't normally follow rules. But when the person giving them owns a very large axe you follow them.

But I did have to sneak in that moment I love in J-P's show, even if it once again was for a reaction only.

And I even had time to take five minutes out to grab a few headshots for Nikki's portfolio.
And after all that I had to retire early. It's back to work tomorrow and things I had to catch up with. And back to work it is; at least the countdown to the Fringe continues