Thursday, 10 July 2008

Wet or Dry on The Mile 19th July 2008

Waking to a wet dull Saturday morning I wondered if I'd make it on to the High Street.

As the hours moved steadily on the day brightened.

Wet or dry I know there will always be someone performing on the Mile.

As the sun eventualy poked it's head out between the grey clouds I made my way into town.

The High street was busy with tourists, shoppers and performers. The violin being played at one end. Magic at another. And on centre stage entertainers of a caliber to hold an audience rain or shine.

The beauty of street shows is that they go on rain or shine. Rain doesn't stop play, it just changes the way they play.

Today we had Magic courtasay of James James. And Whip cracking, juggling and axe swinging from Arizona Jones, Brucie and J-P.

James James and the guys on centre stage toyed in vocal form with each others audience. A memories of the days when street performers ruled the High Street; but alas in these days of health and safety to many people in one place is not a good thing.

With health and safety in mind performers lay their "safety rope" and the audience toes the line.

The applause wet or dry depending on the weather. The audiences generous in their giving; applause maybe, but more is always wanted or I should say requested. It's a pity some of our continental neighbours look at street entertainers as a free way to spend a few hours. They're entertainers as good if not better than those we watch on screen or on stage. We'll pay to watch a film in the cinema and may find half way through it's not worth the money we spent. We don't get our money back. These guys let you "try before you buy", and all you have to do is drop what you feel they are worth in their hat.

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