Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Music, Magic and Fluffy Pink Handcuffs Sunday 20th July

Sun came out today, well as long as Arizona Jones wasn't performing.
Brucie today was in a playful mood. As was one of his assistants. A full hours entertainment complete with whips and fluffy pink handcuffs.
Arizona Jones did make it through at least one show today unscathed by a little rain. But being Sunday there were more buskers and traders out today. From hair wrapping to henna. From guitars to violins.
Magic see James James make a man levitate from out of his jacket.
Today I was given rules. Don't normally follow rules. But when the person giving them owns a very large axe you follow them.

But I did have to sneak in that moment I love in J-P's show, even if it once again was for a reaction only.

And I even had time to take five minutes out to grab a few headshots for Nikki's portfolio.
And after all that I had to retire early. It's back to work tomorrow and things I had to catch up with. And back to work it is; at least the countdown to the Fringe continues

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