Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A Sunny Sunday 13th July

Arriving on the High Street late Sunday afternoon. The crowds already in abundance With magicians, statues and performers there was something for everyone.

Brucie was centre of attention with a crowd a fringe Sunday would provide. The laughter flowed, the applause was generous. Was it for him or was it for the "Smeagal" child?

The show closed and Arizona Jones was next to take centre stage. Arizona and Brucie have one prop in common and that is the reason we have pigeons on centre stage; spaghetti, dry spaghetti.

Arizona fire torches and fire whip enthrals the crowd once again. His high pole show allowing all to see the skill. Applause as always to the end.

Magic on the mile today we had four magicians, two of whom I consider street greats. Todd Various and James James.

Todd had taken up position at his usual St. Giles location.

James James at the bottom of the High Street just off Hunter Square.

Last performance I saw today before I left was J-P. The beauty of street theatre is that no two shows are ever the same. Elements are but how the flow together is all at times in the hands of the audience. Today for J-P that was certainly the case. The jokes came fast and furious. The key moments almost lost as gags and humour took their place.

But alas there are always smokers in the audience which means that Kenny will see the light of day once again.

The screams are screams of laughter. The looks of awe are always capped of gleeful laughter and applause. Remember no children or animals were harmed during the show. Remember Kenny is a professional, and a non smoker; he just holds the cigarette.

And as a final note today. For me and maybe J-P the fluff cloud above is my favourite photo from the last couple of days; everyone else will just pass it by.

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