Thursday, 7 August 2008

Jumping The Gun - Edinburgh Fringe Guide 2008

All The News, Reviews and views from the Edinburgh Fringe 2008.

Edinburgh Fringe Guide 2008 -The Compact Version

All the must see shows listed in one short list. Why carry a heavy, bulky Fringe Guide, when you can save the planet with this pocket version courtesy of Mr Brown.

And if any one asks my carbon footprint is size 8 in trainers.

Richard Sandling & Stuart Goldsmith
Kiosk Of Champions
Venue: The Canons’ Gait,
Time: 17:00 – 17:50Dates: 2nd – 24th August (not 13th)Previews: 2nd – 5th August

Livewire Theatre
Venue 45.
Man in the Iron Mask: The Three Musqueteers
31st Jul- 2nd Aug, 4th-9th Aug. 19.25
Jungle Book: A Murderous Song
31st Jul- 9th Aug. 14.10

Venue Pleasance Courtyard
Pluck: The Titanic Show
31st Jul- 25th Aug, except 12th & 19th.

Venue Gilded Balloon Teviot
Gamarjobat - The Western1st
Aug-25th Aug, except 5th,12th &19th.

Comedy on the Square
Venue Zoo-The Pleasance
Amazing- you can juggle now!

Comedy on the Square
Venue Zoo Southside
All-Star Magic and Comedy- Direct fron San Francisco

Seymour Mace
Venue Stand Comedy Club
In Testamental- Bible Stories Told by an idiot
Aug 1st-10th, 12th-24th
13.25 (except 1st 13.20)

Important Information
Travel in Edinburgh is disrupted with ongoing work preparing for the new tram system.
My advice is give yourselves extra time to get to venues. Don't rely on your Sat-nav; it may not get you there.

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