Monday, 11 August 2008

Where Crowds Enjoy The Show

Sunday afternoon, July 12th on the High Street, Edinburgh; the high street rings out to the crack of whips. Brucie, Arizona Jones and J-P draw the crowds with the crack of the whip. As daredevil pigeons strut around their pitch their shows being.

Their skills not dampened by the cold of an Edinburgh July afternoon or the night before.

The circle formed, the laughter loud. The cheering at skills a long timed honed.

Entertainment of this caliber would cost you. In clubs and theatres, but it's offered for the price of a couple of beers; or at least a thank you at the end.

Street theatre is giving; in all ways.
You give the laughter the applause and cheers. They give you comedy, skill and danger. But most of all what we as the audience need to give is the few pounds their show is truly worth.

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